• background

    Detekt is the leading product development company in Asia, with headquarters in Hong Kong, operations in Thailand and an Australian business owner. They have been in business for 17 years. Detekt’s clients are global – from the US, Europe, Middle East and Asia.

    Daniel Roney, Detekt’s Founder was living in Australia, while the operational team was in Thailand. At the time, the team was split across the US, China, Thailand, Taiwan, and Australia, and due to poor communication structures, the team felt they were working hard without a clear vision. One impact was the breakdown between the manufacturing and product design arms of business, and the future of the business came under threat during the China/US trade war.

  • Coaching Experience

    Rugare coached Daniel to see the impact of the challenges faced and create a communication model that led to the development of a single company culture, irrespective of the team’s physical location. Rugare also coached the entire team in Thailand, interviewing every person to uncover the source of their frustrations. By creating a safe environment, individuals felt free and empowered to share how they were feeling, allowing the leadership team to address core issues and interrupt the ‘blame and shame’ network of conversation.

    Rugare created a common language for the company, irrespective of where staff were located, by creating a strategic roadmap and facilitating alignment of vision and values. This underpinned the communication framework that had been created.

    Rugare and Daniel streamlined operational structures, ensuring communication was fed back to Daniel as CEO and Founder. Together they created a contingency plan during the China/US trade war; shifting focus to new deals in Thailand. Finally, Rugare facilitated the company’s first business continuity review process to evaluate current expenditure and reduce waste.

  • outcome

    The new communication framework freed up Daniel’s available time by 50%, enabling him to focus on the strategic priorities of sales and leadership. Rugare’s interviews with the team helped identify existing skillsets within the company, saving thousands of dollars in recruitment. Finally, by elevating Daniel’s self-confidence as a leader, he was able to accept an invitation to facilitate a trade mission between the Victorian Government in Australia and Thailand. This enhanced Detekt’s reputation as a global leader in product development.