• background

    Before being coached by Rugare, I was plagued by imposter syndrome almost to the point of paralysis. I was obsessed with failure and my inability to overcome it. I had constant negative self-talk about never being destined to succeed. I felt insecure and resigned to that being who I was and what my life was. I was in a perpetual state of struggle; constantly trying to balance everything and had very little experience of joy. For someone with a type A personality, I was simply never enough.

    In my relationships, I was very distant and now realise I was rarely present, mindful or experiencing much joy from any relationship in my life.

    In my business, I never felt like I was able to get ahead and expand the business as I’d hoped. I had no freedom and felt like I was investing so much for very little in return. I’d had poor experiences with past business partners and believed it could only be me who could drive this initiative forward.

  • Coaching Experience

    Rugare is one of the most important and influential people in my life. I came to him in the context of a business coach, but he’s been so much more. Rugare held space for me to be authentic and vulnerable with him. I was able to share everything I always had in my mind but never verbalised.

    One of the most powerful tools I trained in with Rugare is being crystal clear on what my mission, vision and values are. I thought I knew what they were before I’d met Rugare, but I really didn’t.

  • outcome

    Through coaching with Rugare, I’ve discovered freedom and joy and learned how to be more compassionate with myself. I have discovered my purpose and I now get to live my mission everyday. Rugare has empowered me to be more authentic, mindful and vulnerable in my personal relationships. I know how to get out of the negative self talk I used to have and rewrite my story anytime.

    I was able to transform how I related to my business. By becoming clear on my mission, vision and values, I used this as a framework to source an outstanding business partner in whom I could trust completely. With her expertise, we’ve scaled the business and are currently seeking investment.

    It’s also been immensely beneficial to have my business partner complete one-on-one coaching with Rugare. We now have a shared perception of failure and thrive in our ‘no blame’ company culture. Where typically ‘failures’ can lead to business partners falling apart, we have the tools to navigate every breakdown and identify our learnings together.