Rugare Gomo

Hello and welcome. My name is Rugare-Rwashe Gomo.

I am a high performance life & business coach, lawyer and philanthropist.

I exist to empower you to bring your dreams to life.

To live a wondrous life, whatever your circumstances.



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Why do I need a high performance coach?



At 16 years old, in a bid to complete secondary education, I petitioned my family friends in Australia to sponsor my relocation from Zimbabwe.

Inspired by my grandmother, who was a passionate advocate for education, I went on to complete tertiary studies, and build a life in Australia.

I was humbled by the generosity of those who enabled me to receive such an education, and I saw this was just the beginning. And so the Gomo Foundation was born.

Leaving a legacy can start at any time.

You do not have to wait until you are a millionaire. You can choose to make a difference to others right now.