• background

    Before coaching with Rugare, I was crippled with making the wrong decision in my business. I was scared that I would see myself as a failure if I made the wrong decision.

    I had turbulent relationships with my ex-wife, children and was not bringing to life my business goals. I was often angry and frustrated with my external circumstances. I sometimes resorted to drugs or violence to deal with my anger and frustrations.

    I actually knew Rugare before we started our coaching relationship. One day I reached out to him to help me decide whether to keep a chicken shop I was running alongside my commercial furniture installation company.


    Rugare put a microscope on who I could be as a human being. I love working with Rugare because he actively works on who he is as a human being. While the process of swimming against the current can feel like torture, seeing that Rugare puts himself through that as well inspires me.

    He doesn’t operate from a coaching manual. He operates from a ‘do as I do’ model, not ‘do as I say’. I see him as such a courageous black, gay man that has had heaps of struggles to contend with. It’s become infectious – if he can live a life of wonder, why can’t I?

    I’ve absolutely loved being trained on how to relentlessly focus on my vision – to live a life I love. I also love seeing how any loss of power is due to being out of integrity somewhere in my life.

    I was always worried about upsetting people by dealing with integrity. But I’ve learned that it’s me avoiding having those conversations and responsibility.

  • outcome

    After one call with Rugare, I was empowered to sell my business powerfully. It was priceless. I felt completely free with my decision. That was the start of our coaching relationship.

    While I started coaching with Rugare to develop my building business, I have gotten so much more. I have learned how to transform every relationship in my life, starting with myself, my mother, my children, friends and business relationships. I’ve learned how to create healthy boundaries, and have honest conversations, rather than resort to drugs or violence. I’ve learned how to be unwavering in my stand to live a life I love.

    In my business, Rugare empowered me to increase my rates, profitability and grow the volume of our work. Our customers know my company is uncompromising when it comes to delivering work with safety first and that we take full responsibility for everything we do.

    I now take on leaving my children and my employees empowered to produce the results they want for themselves. In my retirement, my vision is to empower older men – uncles, fathers, grandfathers – to live the life they love.