The Strength in Being Vulnerable

In Australia, we rely on the Western media to hear about what’s happening across the globe. It shows us filtered versions of important world events and the voices of people these news stories are about can often be missed. Rugare Gomo, founder of the Gomo Foundation, joins the So…Podcast to bring some of these voices to listeners everywhere. Rugare grew up in Zimbabwe, in a context where white people were considered better than black people, where being gay could get you put in jail, and where men were considered more valuable than women. Even though the women in his life were smart, entrepreneurial, and driven, they were deprived of opportunity.

He came to Australia when he was 16 with just a suitcase and the dream of having an education he would never have in his home country. Rugare lets us in on the ups and downs of his journey, from raising over $100,000 for his university education, to becoming a lawyer, to feeling alone and unhappy and eventually founding the Gomo Foundation. He started this not-for-profit to unleash the potential of girls in Africa through education. It has now grown into an organization that gives young girls a voice and empowers them to create opportunities for themselves. His story is a unique one, that has seen many different sides of the world and significant tests and challenges. But, through the power of vulnerability, Rugare was able to accomplish everything he had ever wanted and more.

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