Letter to my community – a black man’s legacy

Leaving a legacy is something we don’t often consider. Sometimes we can have limiting beliefs around being worthless or not good enough. We don’t see ourselves as being able to, or worthy of, leaving something significant after we’re gone.

Recently, my partner and I created our wills as a part of living our legacy in the present. As part of the experience, I was moved to write a letter to my good friends; a letter I am sharing with my entire community today.

This letter will be relevant for you if:

  • You are trying to keep up with the Joneses
  • You feel voiceless
  • You are part of a minority group.

I hope this letter will inspire you to act to start living your legacy today!


A few years ago, I took on creating the ‘Black Australian Model’ project. Being told you should become a lawyer, engineer or doctor is typical of migrant parents. But some migrants desire to become fashion designers, film makers and directors. So I created this project to inspire migrants to pursue their passion for the creative arts.


Do you know what gratitude is? Gratitude is the warm embrace of life’s little joys, the silent recognition of the extraordinary hidden in the ordinary.