A Step by Step Guide to Making Your Dreams a Reality

Pursuing our dreams or goals is not reserved for a special few. But why does it seem that only a few seem to pursue their dreams or goals to completion? For example:

  1. Writing a book
  2. Consistently exercising
  3. Changing careers
  4. Starting a business

Whether you pursue your dreams or goals is not by chance.

Our capacity to pursue dreams and goals correlates to our view of the dream or the goal. Huh?

Another way said, our willingness to pursue our dreams or goals is dependent on our inner state and our core beliefs. If we believe we can do it, we will take action. If we don’t believe we can do it, we will not take action.

Rarely, is it the external circumstances that stop us from pursuing our dreams. There were so many barriers for a 16-year-old boy from Zimbabwe coming to Australia: I had no money, no citizenship, just to name two. But I had a dream and I thought it was possible. 23 years later, I am still here in Australia.

Your view of your abilities include your thoughts, your feelings, your interpretation etc.

The problem with our view is that we think our view is fact.

If I feel that I am a good writer, I will write. But not all writers are good writers. Remember that movie you were shocked was produced, because you thought it was so bad? Someone believed it would be good and acted. They pursued their dream because they believed.

What is the biggest obstacle in pursuing our dreams or goals? Our thoughts, our feelings, our interpretations, and we think our view is accurate, but is it?

There is a simple solution to start pushing your dreams and your goals. Change your view.

Here are my proposed steps to change your view to start pushing your dreams and goals:

  1. Be extremely specific about your dream and your goal. Write it out. e.g. I want to write a book.
  2. What are your obstacles? e.g. I don’t know how to write, I am not good at spelling, it’s boring, no one will read it, I don’t have time to write. We call this disempowering context. This view will make you unable to write a book.
  3. Change your view. For example, I am writing a book for myself, and my writing is perfect as it is, I will write when I go to the cafe, and I will only write 5 minutes a day.
  4. Take one action now consistent with your view e.g. I will write for 5 minutes.

It is in small actions each day that equates to pursuing our dreams and our goals.

You won’t like the next part. We live in a world where we want guaranteed results. Guaranteed results are an illusion, and not grounded in reality.

Pursuing your dreams will not always lead to the result you are seeking. We are not gods. However, pursuing our dreams leads to the likelihood of producing the results we want.

Pursuing your dreams doesn’t guarantee your goals will be fulfilled in the way you want. But pursuing your dreams and your goals allows you to live an empowered life. A life of possibility, a life of fulfillment.

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