Creating Wonder In Your Life – Podcast Interview

Annastacia Wainaina interviews Rugare on her business podcast ‘Freedom Fire’.

The episode notes: On this episode Rugare Gomo helps us understand what it means to create wonder in our life by unpacking his own path as a gay black man born in Zimbabwe, living in Australia and thriving in life. This is a story that shows how you can turn your pain into power, how you have power to heal your own body and mind, how to live a fulfilling life even when all odds are against you. Rugare is a high-performance coach who leads his mentees through example as he lives out what he teaches and coaches.


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Do you know what gratitude is? Gratitude is the warm embrace of life’s little joys, the silent recognition of the extraordinary hidden in the ordinary. 


One of my first lessons about forging my own path was learning to be vulnerable and actually telling the truth about what was going on.