So you want to make a difference?

In Episode 6 of the ‘So You Want to Make a Difference’ podcast, hosts Kate Riordan and Julia Canavan interview Rugare Gomo. Here are the podcast summary notes:

In this episode, we talk to Rugare Gomo. Rugare Gomo is a high performance coach, speaker and writer who empowers people from all walks of life to discover true freedom and unreservedly be the author of their lives.

At 14, Rugare asked a family friend to sponsor his relocation from Zimbabwe, so he could complete secondary school in Australia. Rugare was 16 when he arrived in Australia by himself. Rugare graduated from Monash University with a Bachelor of Laws and Bachelor of Arts (Honours). He practised in a top-tier law firm, joined a start-up and negotiated cross border, multi-million-dollar contracts. Rugare also ran his own corporate law firm and set up the Gomo Foundation to provide opportunities for others to receive an education.

Externally it looked like he had a perfect life. But he was filled with inner conflict, regret and fear. Due to childhood trauma, Rugare felt he had to suppress his identity as a gay man to survive, leading to excruciating pain from living a double life. He was terrified, nearly went bankrupt, was homeless, and had a string of bad relationships. His beliefs about himself and the world were destroying him.

Through years of intensive mentorship and leadership training, Rugare transformed his relationship with himself. He became a man who actively lives a wondrous life and helps others overcome their internal struggles to achieve more than they ever dreamed possible. 

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How did I, as a 16-year-old from a very small city in Mutare, Zimbabwe come to live in Australia by myself and become a successful high performance coach, lawyer and humanitarian?


A few years ago, I took on creating the ‘Black Australian Model’ project. Being told you should become a lawyer, engineer or doctor is typical of migrant parents. But some migrants desire to become fashion designers, film makers and directors. So I created this project to inspire migrants to pursue their passion for the creative arts.