Overcoming Hardship, The Importance Of Community & Philanthropy With Rugare Gomo

Rugare Gomo is a high-performance coach, keynote speaker, philanthropist, international student alumni, and Founder of the Gomo Foundation. In this episode, Rugare tells us his story of coming from Zimbabwe to complete high school and then his transition into a Law degree at University. Rugare has an incredible story faced with challenges, laughs, and stories of community support from an incredible social network and the hardship that he overcame to build his life in Australia. You can follow Rugare’s updates on LinkedIn and see the incredible work he does with the Gomo Foundation and his coaching business.

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Setbacks are not a sign of personal failure; they are opportunities for growth and transformation. Here are ways to help you bounce back from them.


In a predominantly white corporate landscape, Australia’s legal profession can be a daunting place for those who don’t necessarily fit the preconceived mould. How best, then, can one identify one’s place as a lawyer?