• background

    When I first met Rugare, I had just started my videography business. I had a lot of negative beliefs and no real tools to deal with inevitable breakdowns.

    I felt a lot of shame and guilt when things didn’t go right. I was overwhelmed and scared when issues arose as I didn’t know how to navigate them or how to communicate effectively with disgruntled clients. It was a turbulent time for me as I was rarely able to be present, and felt uncomfortable being around certain people if I felt we were very different.

    At this time, I didn’t have a framework to use when making business decisions such as hiring my team, which created painful issues and was no fun at all. I also felt I had little control or understanding over what happened in my business finances. This created a lot of stress and anxiety for me.

  • Coaching Experience

    Rugare has made a big difference in my life. Whenever I’ve struggled through something, he’s always had my back, guided me and given me a deep level of care and investment.

    Some of my favourite tools I’ve learned from Rugare:

    • Being able to distinguish facts from stories. I no longer have lots of noise and stories in the way of my life. I am confident, grounded and can deal with anything in a more empowered way.
    • Distilling my core values and what they mean to me.
    • Becoming aware of the morality I was born into, letting go of that judgment and simply assessing if something works or doesn’t work.
    • The power of responsibility – when something goes wrong, I am now able to simply own it, not shame myself, and figure out the learning and how to fix it.
  • outcome

    In my business now, I experience so much more freedom and space. I have the confidence to deal with issues as they arise because I am no longer at the effect of the internal noise and drama I used to have.

    I am able to look at the facts of a problem, without blaming and shaming. I feel more grounded and at peace in almost any situation now. I’m also much more open and feel at ease connecting with people from all walks of life.

    Making business decisions has become so much easier now I know what my core values are. For example, the team I hire are all aligned with my values, making my experience of work day-to-day so much more enjoyable.

    Through Rugare’s support, I’m now fully aware of what’s going on in my business finances. This has brought me peace of mind and clarity because I’m no longer at the effect of financial surprises.