Eliminate Your Limiting Beliefs

Today’s show our guest is Rugare Gomo. High-Performance Coach, Lawyer, philanthropist, Rugare has a lot of titles but he is not defined by any single one as he will tell you himself, he is “Free”

Rugare’s life story is an incredible one and he shares about it in today’s show. Coming to Australia from Zimbabwe at the age of 16, Rugare has overcome a lot of obstacles to get to where he is now in life. His story includes battling his own limiting beliefs, learning how to be comfortable in his own skin, embracing his vulnerability, and now becoming a voice for those who do not have equal opportunity in the world.

Rugare is the founder of the GOMO foundation which supports young African women to get an education and have access to the same opportunities Rugare had when he was growing up. you can support the GOMO foundation by using the link here: http://www.gomofoundation.org.au/

There is a lot to learn from Rugare and his story so pay attention because you too can put aside your limiting beliefs and unlock your fullest potential.

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This is a story that shows how you can turn your pain into power, how you have power to heal your own body and mind


A mentally healthy workforce is more engaged, creative, and resilient, contributing significantly to the growth and sustainability of your business.